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Distracted driving – help for parents

By June 6, 2017July 14th, 2017Personal Insurance

Everyone these days knows that driving drunk is wrong, and rates of drunk driving have come down over the past couple of decades.  But distracted driving (primarily from texting and mobile devices) has become the new drunk driving. And while drunk driving makes you 4 times more likely to be in an accident than driving while sober, texting and driving doubles that risk again to 8 times the normal risk of getting into an accident. That’s right- texting and driving is statistically twice as bad as being a drunk driver.

That risk is even higher for teen drivers, who are both more likely to text and drive and less experienced behind the wheel. Parents, check out this infographic for information on what you can do to help your teen not become a statistic:

Distracted Driving Infographic

Found at:

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